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User Experience in Two Infographics

Summary: Two short infographics define UX and summarize why and how to run UX projects. Show to your boss or colleagues who don’t understand UX. This ticket to UX mastery only requires 3 minutes of your time.

This is an unusual article for me in that it has almost no word count. Instead: two infographics that summarize two of my recent articles:

If you want the full story, please do click these two links. They are good articles, if I say so myself.

Sometimes, there’s too much information, and boiling it down is a worthy effort. Condensing 5,547 words about UX into two infographics is an example. (“Too much info” cartoon by Dall-E.)

On the other hand, the following two infographics contain 338 words — only 6% of the 5,547 words in the two articles combined. Sure, details had to be left out, as was the rather nice poem about UX in the first article. But many people are so busy that you can’t beat cutting 94% off the reading time to learn about a topic. If you know somebody like that, please give them these infographics.

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UX: The Infographics

Feel free to copy or reuse these infographics, provided you give this URL as the source.


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